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Dr. Nasrin Davis

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Dr. Nasrin davis

Founder and executive director of SwissInnovision is a senior executive coach who has provided coaching, consulting and training services to companies and professional individuals for over 25 years. Her Business studies have led to a degree in Conflict Management, a Masters degree (MBA) in International Management and a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Leadership. Nasrin is also a certified consultant on CTT (Cultural Transformational Tools) for leadership development.

Nasrin started her career in 1983 in the field of Information Technology as a software engineer and systems analyst. She has designed various types of systems architecture and supervised several technology projects.

She founded her first consulting company in 1994 in Switzerland and provided IT as well as business consulting to local companies in Switzerland and therefore extensive exposure to different sectors such as banking, pharmaceutical, financial, services, IT and education. The scope of her professional experience also includes business and executive coaching & training in the areas of : Business development, leadership development, conflict management, critical thinking, business and people management. She is recognized for her distinctive capabilities with leaders and teams from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

​Specifically, Nasrin has worked with SMEs and start-ups as well as designed and delivered entrepreneurship workshops in collaboration with the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

She founded her second consulting company, in Slovakia in 2009 and since then has been providing business services to different international and local firms in Slovakia and some other countries. She is also a board member of  YPE an NGO for Youth Politic Education in Slovakia.

Nasrin has worked intensively with women entrepreneurs in Switzerland and Slovakia and has provided entrepreneurship and business services to help them start or grow their businesses. She is currently based both in Vienna and Bratislava.

Nasrin is interested in human and organizational development, nature, music, painting, cultures, languages and science. She finds teaching to be one of the best ways to learn. She communicates in English, Swiss German (German), French, Farsi and has notions of Slovak and Italian.