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Immigration and Relocation

Immigration and Relocation swissinnovision immigration services 500x500 300x300SwissInnovision s.r.o. runs different lines of businesses in consulting including consulting in immigration and relocation services. Our experts provide a broad range of services in the areas of immigration, residence permits, student visa, establishing companies and businesses, real estates, investment as well as integration services for most nationalities.For clients in Iran who intend to obtain a residency permit in Slovakia, our service packages provide complete assistance and full coverage of every step of the application process. Our representative in Iran can answer all your questions regarding the process and provide detailed information about the cost and approximate processing time to obtain residency in Slovakia.

Since Slovakia is a member of the European Union (EU), having residency permit in Slovakia enables the permit holder to enter and freely travel throughout all the member states of EU, such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, etc.

Once residency in Slovakia is obtained, we continue to support our clients in choosing safe investment options, education, medical services, housing and real estate rental and purchase, and legal services. Our team of expert residency and immigration lawyers, investments consultants, and service providers ensure that you receive the highest quality of service and advice.

Since its membership in the EU, Slovakia has enjoyed a strong economy and rapid growth in all areas of industry, commerce, and services. Therefore it is not surprising that Slovakia is one of the most attractive markets for investment in Central Europe. Located literally in the heart of Europe, Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is a short drive from Vienna, the capital city of Austria, about 2 hours from Budapest, the capital city of Hungry, and less than 4 hours drive from Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. This provides a unique opportunity for the businesses based in Slovakia to have access to the much larger markets, as well as services available in these countries.

Financial & Investments services – From opening a simple bank account to reliable advice regarding different possibilities for investments in Slovakia.

Swissinnovision s.r.o. located in the heart of Europe with many years of experience in working with different cultures and partnership with different organisations, is aware of the challenges of the process of immigration and settlement in a new environment. Therefore, we provide services to newcomer’s basic establishment by facilitating a smooth transition to life in Bratislava. We offer consulting and assist you in the following areas:


Our team of expert residency and Immigration lawyers can help you with the process of immigration

Accomodation Services

Renting or purchasing an apartment, a family house, or building land

Financial & Investments services

  • Provide investment opportunities in a real estate development projects
  • Provide advice in financial investment
  • Help foreigners to network in a new business environment
  • Help establish partnership with local and international market leaders

Business Services

We offer a full range of services for your businesses. Please find the details in our business service page or simply contact us for more information.

Education for yourself or your family

Schools or universities that are available for you or your family members (children)
Doctors, dentist, hospitals, therapies and insurance


How to apply for a driving license or buy/rent a car

Translation Services

We will assist you with the translation of your documents into Slovak language and notarize them.

Transport Services

Find the best way to travel around the area

Language Services

Slovak courses for yourself and your family

In case of problems we will introduce you to counsellors who can help you with the issues

Finding Jobs

How to build your resume and look for a job

Training Programs

Programs that could assist you in communication, personal financial planning, writing a business plan, presentation, building confidence, etc.

For more immigration and settlement services, please contact us to arrange for a free consultation.